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Shope for Our Products
Shope for Our ProductsShope for Our ProductsShope for Our ProductsShope for Our ProductsShope for Our Products

It's been a great ride. It's with heavy hearts that we let you know that we will be closing Atlanta Clay on June 27th. We have thoroughly enjoyed serving you these last six years.  We began this adventure knowing we were a little short on funds based on our financial projections... but life is about taking risks and making that jump. So jump we did! We believed, wholeheartedly, that you deserved an ally in a supplier, who could answer your questions accurately, guide you through problems and always give you the pricing that artists deserve.  What we lacked in our pocketbook we tried to make up for with knowledge and service. But this is retail, and we've been faced over and over again with the fact that customers want what they want when they want it - and we fully understand that. It is aggravating to have to wait for supplies - especially when you need them to run your own businesses. We simply never had the cash to move enough inventory fast enough. We tried, we really did - we skipped paychecks for years, went without health insurance for the last six, we skimped and made do because we really believed in this business.  When you start a business and put everything you are into it - sometimes it's hard to see when it's simply not working. Sometimes it's hard to accept that retail is ONLY about money and stock - but it is. The decision to let go of Atlanta Clay has been beyond painful. But we realized that we don't want to be at odds with our community anymore. And that's exactly what it's felt like for some time now - that the trust we'd worked hard to build was slipping away because we didn't have enough money to get the supplies quickly enough. Maybe we were never vocal enough about how tough a fight this was but we truly hope you understand that we fought very hard everyday. Retail is about getting you the supplies you want, when you want them and it takes an incredible amount of money to do that... and we simply never had it.  Two years ago when the opportunity to take over MudFire arrived on our doorstop we realized that what it really was that we believed in was education in the ceramic arts. Teaching and sharing the vast knowledge we've gained all these years helping so many of you has been our bright light. We've really enjoyed it. Some of you may think that we didn't have product on the shelves because of MudFire... our that our inattention caused this... but neither of those are true. We struggled from the very beginning against an established distributor network with much deeper pockets - so diversifying was the smart decision. But this is far from goodbye! What you liked best about us is what we're still doing at MudFire - teaching, joking around and sharing the vast knowledge we've honed these last sixteen years. Workshops, clinics and learning about the art we all love. Best of all - maybe the silver lining to this cloud - we're starting to make our own work again! Because, hey, why get a degree in ceramics if you're not going to use it! So come see us - we're always there!

xo, Deanna & Daphne

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